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This page is going to be a hub for short, free material I've made - pamphlet adventures, cleaned up blogposts, and so on. Stuff that doesn't need a full page all to itself.

I'll (hopefully) update it with new material when I've got it.

  • Break Their Pride By A Woman's Hand - A bronze-age adventure where the PCs participate in the liberation or an occupied city (and maybe kill a god while they are at it.). System-neutral OSR. Pamphlet template by Luka Rejec.
  • Lighthouse on the Spur - A creepy abandoned lighthouse, with random tables to flesh it out. Can be easily used as the basis for an investigation, or just as a neat location for PCs to visit. No system. Pamphlet template by Luka Rejec.
  • Dungeon Hobos: Their Signs and Slang - A glimpse into the culture of wandering adventures. Add flavor to your NPCs, mark up your dungeons with clues.Pamphlet template by Luka Rejec. Interior art by Charles Ferguson-Avery (used with permission)
    • Vectorized Dungeon Hobo Signs - A zip file of all the hobo signs in the pamphlet. You're free to use these with your own projects, even commercial ones.
  • Dog God Deluxe - An inspirational cutup zine. Hand-made, hand-scanned, 100% jank.


by a woman's hand.pdf 747 kB
lighthouse on the spur.pdf 941 kB
dungeon hobos.pdf 459 kB
hobo signs.zip 83 kB
Dog god deluxe.pdf 3 MB


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Thanks for the free stuff, Salt. These murder-hobo signs are really inspiring. Immediately makes me think of two things:

  • In Motherships' Gradient Descent module, there's a megadungeon with its own subculture of plunderers (called Divers). I love the idea of scattering these signs throughout it (or any megadungeon) creating this lived-in feeling. Like a group of people have been exploring the place for years.
  • I would also  be a great substitute for thieves cant. Thieves and lowlives can read it, but not just any Player Character.

Again-- thanks!

Always happy to see people enjoying this stuff!